• 2CD
  • Date : 25.08.2023
  • Package : CD Jewel Case
  • Running Time CD 1 : 70:17
  • Running Time CD 2 : 68:15

The Kevin Coyne Band live in Bremen on August 18, 1975. The recording presents the third edition of the Coyne Band, among others with guitarist Andy Summers (The Police) and pianist Zoot Money (Animals, Eric Burdon, Mick Taylor, Humble Pie). Kevin Coyne at an early climax of his long and eventful career with now classic songs from his enormously extensive artistic legacy. Acclaimed by critics as a great blues and rock voice from England, Kevin Coyne was one of the singer-songwriters who sang dark themes with ruthless emotionality and thus conveyed a new intensity. It is the only officially available live document of this band. It lasted only a year in total and is today one of the best for many Coyne experts.

26 years later. It was a long and not easy journey for Kevin Coyne from Bremen to Bremen. 26 years later meant for him: almost 30 more LPs, many of them with top ratings in music magazines – especially the releases on the Virgin label, and endless tours. But also: alcohol and crashes, divorce, nervous breakdown, escape from England. A new life in Nuremberg (Germany), a new love and marriage, rehab, an intensified turn to his second artistic passion, painting. And again: countless tours, not only in his new home country, also in Europe and the US.

This previously unreleased concert is not only a very nice addition to the work of exceptional artist Kevin Coyne, but also offers a comparison to the 1975 recording as well as a comparison of his development after a good quarter of a century.


CD 1 – Live in Bremen 1975

  1. Going Down Slow 02:53
  2. Eastbourne Ladies 05:11
  3. Sunday Morning Sunrise 04:26
  4. Strange Locomotion 03:49
  5. Nobody's Fault But Mine 02:20
  6. Shangri-La 05:15
  7. Poor Swine 03:11
  8. Mummy 05:33
  9. My Mother's Eyes 04:28
  10. Saviour 07:22
  11. House On The Hill 07:13
  12. One Fine Day 06:06
  13. Ad Lib 02:15
  14. Turpentine 03:33
  15. Knockin' On Heaven's Door 03:40
  16. Reelin' And Rockin' 03:02

Total:                                                          70:17 Min.


CD 2 – Live in Bremen 2001

  1. Gina’s Song 05:03
  2. Cheat Me 04:26
  3. Happy Little Fat Man 06:18
  4. Araby 06:04
  5. Must Be Love 06:53
  6. Saviour 07:10
  7. Karate King 05:51
  8. Lunatic 06:29
  9. My Wife’s Best Friend 05:47
  10. Fat Girls 07:20
  11. Schoolboy 06:54

Total:                                                          68:15 Min.

Total:           138:32 Min.