• CD
  • Date : 27.03.2015
  • Package : CD Digipac
  • Running Time CD : 48:00

Fairytale – “Forest Of Summer”

Sometimes mystical, sometimes buoyantly danceable, nature and fantasy are bestowed with a previously unheard voice. Fairylike polyphonic singing and the classic instrumentation of violin, acoustic guitar and cello dominate the sound of Fairytale. The music moves itself within a harmonious sound cosmos which gives catchy pop melodies room as well as spherical soundscapes.

The 12 songs from this newcomer band abduct us to a secretive world of legends and fairytales. Through their music the pathway to this enchanted world is within one’s reach. Fairytale tells of magical beings, mystical places and enchanted landscapes. With their debut album Forest Of Summer the band takes the listener on a truly mystical journey.




1.    Forest Of Summer 03:49
2.    Cotton Hill 03:36
3.    Feel My Prayer 04:34
4.    Palace Of Mirrors 03:44
5.    The Promise 04:21
6.    Upon The River´s Stone 02:27
7.    Towers Bridge Birds Tune 02:41
8.    Birds Tune 04:18
9.    Left In Silence 03:17
10.    Secret Path 04:55
11.    Golden Mountain 05:53
12.    White Rose 03:53

Total: 48:00