• Vinyl
  • Date : 30.06.2023
  • Running Time : 38:05

Lionel Hampton All Stars 1977 – Black Forest Vibes

With the label MPS, post-war musical history was written in Germany: noble music productions with many international greats come from the Black Forest and are timelessly legendary. Some treasures from the archive of the label are released by HGBSBlue on high-quality vinyl.

The Hampton All Stars played at the first concert of the festival “VS swingt” back then. MPS boss Brunner-Schwer was there at the mixing desk. Some of these recordings were released in 1978 as the MPS LP “Alive and Jumping” (MPS 15469).

“Hamp” and his All Stars were really into it and brought the audience in the Black Forest, known as rather reserved, to a frenzy, especially after the break. The old master worked his magic on the vibraphone, of course, but also played drums and piano and sang with an irrepressible sense of rhythm as one who had unmistakably internalized swing. The top trumpeter Cat Anderson was another internationally known musician in the eight-piece all-star band with which “Hamp” toured Europe at the time. And there was someone else who was one of HGBS’s personal favorites: pianist and organist Milt Buckner. Buckner’s block chords had not only influenced Oscar Peterson and George Shearing, but also inspired the passionate piano freak Brunner-Schwer. The live recording with Hampton’s All Stars in Villingen was the last record of Buckner, who died a few weeks later in the USA of acute heart failure.

The musicians can be heard in exuberant joy of playing, with “Hamp” standing out sovereignly on vibraphone and drums, as well as Buckner with soulful organ playing. Everything sounds unspent fresh and cheerful and shows Hampton and his fellow players in top form. This rousing swing, which should appeal not only to jazz fans, is available exclusively on LP. No digital release.



Seite A:

  1. In Walked Bud 16:41

(Thelonius Monk)

  1. Moment´s Notice 05:59

(John Coltrane)


Seite B:

  1. Raunchy Rita 15:25

(Frank Foster)


Total: 38:05 min.