• Vinyl
  • Date : 28.03.2024
  • Running Time : 40:04

Janus – Gravedigger

Janus formed in 1971 in Krefeld, Germany. Five English guys who lived and worked there. Debut album “Gravedigger” was recorded at EMI studios, Cologne and released on the now defunked Harvest label. In 2013 EMI re-released the album as a double CD with remixes and bonus tracks and the band made their one and only video clip for ‘I Wanna Scream’ – 40 years later!

As there is a constant need for this psychedelic and timeless piece of music the German label MIG are set to release the album once again and once more as an LP.

The tracks: First, fan favourite “Red Sun” taking you into space and beyond. Followed by the haunting “Bubbles”. Pop/Rock? “Watch Tryin’ To Do” is a track that cannot really be described: strange verses, backward orchestra and phased drums. Totally original.

Side one finishes with afore mentioned “I Wanna Scream” which is punk before punk was invented. Then the one song on side two (20 + minutes) that rounds of the album in a totally different vein. Basically, an acoustic song about a guy ending his life on the beach accompanied by a classical Spanish guitar solo, swelling orchestra, seagulls and rolling waves. It’s a wonderful sound tapestry.

“Gravedigger” is essential listening for lovers of the better 60’s/70’s psychedelic era.



Seite A:

  1. Red Sun 08:54
  2. Bubbles 03:50
  3. Watcha´ Trying To Do? 03:51
  4. I Wanna´ Scream 02:43

Seite B:

  1. Gravedigger 20:46

Total: 40:04 min.