• Double Vinyl
  • Date : 28.07.2023
  • Package : Gatefold
  • Running Time : LP1: 28:32 // LP2: 29:15

Junges Forum 65 – Unreleased Tracks From The MPS-Studio

Post-war musical history was written in Germany with the MPS label: noble music productions with many international greats come from the Black Forest and are timelessly legendary. Some treasures from the label’s archive are released by HGBSBlue on high-quality vinyl.

More than 20 top-class jazz musicians met in July 1965 for a jazz workshop at the Ruhr Festival in Recklinghausen and recorded a total of 17 pieces. Nine tracks from the live recording were to be released the same year as the first double LP on the young Villingen jazz label SABA (the forerunner of MPS). Everything was prepared for this, but it never happened. It is not really clear why, because everything was technically ready for release. With Hans Koller, Rolf Kühn, Leo Wright, Benny Bailey, Tubby Hayes, Ronnie Ross, Stuff Smith and others, many leading players of the jazz scene at the time were involved. However, the two music tapes were not pressed onto record and slumbered unheard for many years in the MPS archive in Villingen. In 2018, on the 50th anniversary of the MPS label, this was made up for: the double LP, which was to be released as “Junges Forum 65″ by SABA, was released by HGBSBlue in a limited edition and is now also available here. The music of the workshop formation is still full of sparkling creativity today, almost 60 years after it was recorded. You can hear first-class jazz on a bebop basis, which was played in Europe at that time by an immensely creative generation of musicians full of commitment. A listening pleasure for every jazz fan on the one hand, but also a wonderful documentation captured on this double LP.



Side A

  1. Stephenson´s Rocket (Ronnie Ross) 05:50
  2. Now´s The Time (Charlie Parker) 07:40

Side B

  1. Ode To a blossom (Leo Wright) 06:40
  2. Jazz Essay (Johnny Scott) 08:22

Side C

  1. 100 Proof (Tubby Hayes) 10:10
  2. The Freedom (Ivan Julien) 05:00

Side D

  1. The Band Goes Churchy (Roger Guérin) 04:03
  2. Gemini Waltz (Rolf Kühn) 06:30
  3. Music For Pablo II (Hans Koller) 03:32

Total: 57:47 min.