• CD
  • Date : 24.01.2020
  • Package : CD digipack
  • Running Time CD : 49:29
  • Vinyl
  • Date : 29.05.2020
  • Package : LP
  • Running Time : 42:06

Bai Kamara Jr & The Voodoo Sniffers – Salone

A warm, funky voice, but just as sober and intimate. Bai Kamara Jr’s music is a mix of soul, blues, roots, swamp, voodoo and jazz influences. Bai, son of the former Sierra Leonean ambassador in Brussels, who grew up in the United Kingdom and has lived in Brussels for over 25 years, is a committed singer-songwriter who reveals his African origins in his music. He has shared the stage with international artists such as Habib Koité, Cassandra Wilson, Rokia Traoré, was the opening act of Vanessa Paradis’ ‘Love Album International Tour’ in 2014 (25 dates) and sang in duo with Dani Klein from Vaya Con Dios as well as being her supporting act. His involvement with NGOs has led to a collaboration with the world star Youssou N’Dour. Two of Bai’s songs were recorded by the Spanish director Paco Torres for the film “El Vuelo Del Tren (The Magic of Hope)”. Bai is a brilliant composer who shows his very diverse musical talent in his 5 albums (“Living Room”, “Urban Gipsy”, “Disposable Society”, “This Is Home” and “Mystical Survivors”). His new album “Salone” as Bai Kamara Jr. & The Voodoo Sniffers will be released in January 2020.


Bai Kamara about his new album: “My musical and artistic journey has now led me to this pivotal stage of my career where the ‘”Salone” project (which means Sierra Leone in the Krio language) finally allows me to delve into my African roots and more specifically that of Sierra Leone, my country of origin. Never before had I had the strength to undertake this work. “Salone” is also the title of my new blues and roots album, and The Voodoo Sniffers is the name of my new band.”


http://www.mig-music.de/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/201807_BKJ_152-Edit-1024x702.jpg http://www.mig-music.de/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/Bai-Kamara-Jr_credit-Michael-Chia_540-1024x682.jpg by Michael Chia

Lady Boss (Official Video)

Bai Kamara Jr. & The Voodoo Sniffers - Lady Boss (Official Video)
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Can’t Wait Here Too Long (Official Video)

Bai Kamara Jr. - Can't Wait Here Too Long (Official video)
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Homecoming (Official Video)

Bai Kamara Jr. - Homecoming (Official Video)
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  1. Can't Wait Here Too Long 3:57
  2. Lady Boss 2:58
  3. Black widow spider 3:53
  4. Homecoming 4:16
  5. Morning School Run Blues 2:35
  6. Cold Cold Love 4:24
  7. The rest of Everything 2:23
  8. Cry Baby 1:41
  9. I Ain't Lying (Can't Give You What I Aint Got) 3:10
  10. Don't Worry About Me 3:49
  11. Naked Girls On The merry -Go-Round 3:24
  12. Time Has Come 3:39
  13. Fortune 2:03
  14. Riverboat Blues 3:33
  15. Some Kind Of Loving Tonight 3:44

Total: 49:29



Bai Kamara Jr Fortune (Official Music Video)