• CD
  • Date : 26.01.2024
  • Package : CD Digisleeve
  • Running Time CD : 38:07

Teddy Lasry – e=mc²

Born in Paris Teddy Lasry was a member of the experimental French progressive rock band Magma. Together they developed the genre of Zeuhl (= celestial music), incl. the artificial language of Kobaïan.

Lasry recorded the highly successful albums “Magma”, “2” (originally “1001° Centigrades”) and “Mekanïk Destruktïw Kommandöh” with Magma. “Mekanïk Destruktïw Kommandöh” was the band’s commercial breakthrough: they had a contract with Vertigo, and Giorgio Gomelsky, the Rolling Stones’ first manager, produced the album “MDK” with Virgin co-founder Simon Heyworth (also Gong, Mike Oldfield, among others). The world was open to the musicians. However, Teddy Lasry left the band before they went back into the studio for “Köhntarkösz” in 1974.

The multi-instrumentalist (flute, other wind instruments, keyboards, percussion) pursued a solo career, signed a recording contract with RCA in Paris and released the highly acclaimed album “e=mc²” in 1976.

Alongside bassist Jannick Top (also from Magma) and drummer Andre Ceccarelli, Lasry played nearly all the instruments on the atmospheric electronic album himself in the tradition of Mike Oldfield. After more than 47 years, this French masterpiece of electronic music has finally been re-released; for the first time on CD and digitally. By the way, Lasry, who was born in 1947, is still musically active in music today.



  1. Life 01:43
  2. Quasar 07:09
  3. Earth 04:10
  4. Nebular 06:13
  5. Birth of Galaxy 05:35
  6. Birds Of Space 08:11
  7. Nonsense 03:26
  8. Life (alternative Version) 01:42

Total:  38:07 min.