• CD
  • Date : 16.09.2016
  • Package : CD Digipack
  • Running Time CD : 47:91

Maciek – “Maciek”

Label: MAGIC MILE MUSIC distributed by Made In Germany Music GmbH

Maciek = this is what a debut can sound like

Suddenly and apparently coming out of nowhere, a young singer/songwriter and his band show us on their first album a musical cosmos that unites everything that good pop music needs: Excellent song writing, an impressive voice, great musical talent and a fascinating sound. A very fresh mix of finest singer/songwriter pop with reggae accents. It is a mystery where Maciek, who has his roots in the small Polish town Kwidzyn, takes this all from. Someone who never had singing lessons or other musical education but presents a debut of this quality, well, you are tended to call this one a wonder child.








1. What Would You Do? 03:39
2. Open Sea 03:11
3. Memories 03:00
4. I Don´t Care (Intro) 00:44
5. Stormy Weather 03:51
6. Give Me Your Love 04:52
7. Dreams Begin To Fly 05:39
8. Dive Into The Ocean 06:20
9. I Want To Go 04:47
10. Colours 04:06
11. Better Days 05:50
12. Giulia 04:32

Total: 47:91