• CD
  • Date : 25.08.2023
  • Package : CD Jewel Case
  • Running Time CD : 70:51

“There is a mountain of very interesting EM in this album which is a splendid, from start the end, highly inspired by the digitals years of Klaus Schulze.” (Sylvain Lupari, Synthsequences.com, 2006)

Since the 1980s, Mario Schönwälder, born in West-Berlin / Germany, has been involved in the production of electronic sounds, first in the environment of Bernd Kistenmacher, and later mainly in duo and triple formations.

In 1992 Mario founded his own label Manikin Records, on which he released his albums from then on. Four years earlier, Mario Schönwälder had released “Aus einer anderen Zeit …”, his first solo work, which was launched in a limited edition and only as a cassette.

One year later followed “The Eye Of The Chameleon”, an album completely in the style of the Berlin School, with a melancholic, partly even somewhat gloomy basic mood. He dedicated the title “Earthtime” to a deceased friend. The album was released on Bernd Kistenmacher’s label Musique Intemporelle, the Berlin electronic musician and label boss described his ever slightly pensive artist as a “pessimistic optimist” at that time.

A nice re-issue with personal words by Mario Schönwälder in the booklet about the making of the album.

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  1. Behind The Mental Wall 12:20
  1. Earthtime 10:18
  1. The Eye Of the Chameleon 18:42
  1. The Voyage Set II (... to the Earth Pt. I) (live @ Zeiss-Planetarium, Berlin, Jan. 7, 1989) 20:30
  1. The Voyage Set II (... to the Earth Pt. II) (live @ Zeiss-Planetarium, Berlin, Jan. 7, 1989) 09:01


total:    70:51 Min.