• 2CD
  • Date : 29.10.2021
  • Package : CD Digipack
  • Running Time CD 1 : 36:53
  • Running Time CD 2 : 45:20

Parzival – David The Hymn

After 50 years: new album / Parzival – the German rock legend returns


23 new songs, 130 musicians from 23 nations – Germany’s classic rock legend Parzival returns with a spectacular concept album back. “David – The Hymn” is the title of the first Parzival album in almost 50 years.


It was a long, long time ago that German rock musicians let themselves be influenced by what their Anglo-American role models have always lacked: Classical music and a Middle Age full of heroic legends. The first and most popular band of the new genre, known as classical rock, was Parzival. According to Rolling Stone magazine, they were “the first of this genre”. The British trade magazine Melody Maker ranked the trio among the “most interesting groups in Europe”.


Now – after an eternity – Parzival is presenting a new musical work. A critical view of the present: The concept album “David – The Hymn” pillories the destructive greed for power against the background of the climate and refugee crisis. But the decisive moment is the longing for peaceful community and love.


The concept album “David – The Hymn” unites singers from all over the world. Individually or combined, they form a multinational choir, giving the album individuality, musicality and thus a special charm.


Guitars and strings, flutes, trombones, trumpets, horns and pulsating percussion all contribute to the magic of the album. A world-spanning sound journey, an international sound painting. Three songs have been written by the triumvirate Siems, Quintus, Olivier.



CD 1

  1. Ouverture/Prolog 01:56
  2. Old Love 02:47
  3. Party Bird 02:55
  4. Cash Castle 04:49
  5. Never 02:14
  6. He’s The One 04:12
  7. When The Night Comes 03:20
  8. Keep Your Eyes On Us (Avalokiteshvara) 05:24
  9. Man In The Tower 02:42
  10. Wind Blows 06:34


Total: 36:53 Min.


CD 2

  1. Incantation (Give Us Rain) 02:55
  2. Monsoon 01:24
  3. Rain Dance 04:30
  4. Emayove 04:10
  5. Juanita 07:05
  6. Liqueur Talk 03:04
  7. Wind Blows (Reprise) 02:14
  8. Salvation (The Answer Lies Within) 03:55
  9. All My Love 03:00
  10. Break Of Dawn 03:35
  11. Mighty Mouse 03:00
  12. Rise Up! 01:03
  13. Future Cities 05:25


Total: 45:20 Min.