• Vinyl
  • Date : 28.04.2023
  • Running Time : 37:32

Pony Poindexter Quartett feat. Jan Hammer & George Mraz – New Orleans Fire

With the label MPS, post-war musical history was written in Germany: noble music productions with many international greats come from the Black Forest and are timelessly legendary. Some treasures from the label’s archive are released by HGBSBlue on high-quality vinyl, like this hot live recording with the Pony Poindexter Quartet from1969.

Poindexter, saxophonist and singer, was a native of New Orleans who came to Paris in 1964, where he lived for many years. He is credited with important impulses for the soprano saxophone in jazz, and his strongly blues-oriented style is probably related to his hometown. It was not until 1977 that he went back to the USA, where he died in 1988. In Munich he met two young Czech musicians who had a stopover there after the end of the “Prague Spring” before starting their successful jazz careers in the USA: Jan Hammer and Jiri (George) Mraz.

Together with them, as well as the German drummer Michael Dennert (1935-2016), the US saxophonist recorded this live record in 1969, on which the four musicians move in expressive playing mood in the footsteps of their musical ancestors from New Orleans. Hammer and Mraz already show their extraordinary brilliance and maturity. Jan Hammer amazes with his earthy organ playing and Jiri Mraz with refreshing virtuosity.

“The Happy Life Of Pony Poindexter” was the name of the release on the MPS sub-label “Session” back then. It has now, after more than 50 years, been re-edited, refreshed and mastered. You can still feel the sparkling power and happy gut feeling with which the music was made. Poindexter knows how to carry away the audience. Just as the musicians before him did in his hometown of New Orleans. Just hot jazz.



Seite A:

  1. Moodys Mood For Love 08:32

(James Moody)

  1. It Ain’t Nobody’s Business 06:27

(Billy Holiday)

  1. The Theme 04:21

(Billy Holiday)


Seite B:

  1. Wade In The Water 07:42


  1. Tit-Bit 04:04

(Pony Poindexter)

  1. Don’t Let The Sun Catch Your Crying 06:26

(Louis Jordan)

Total: 37:32 min.