• CD
  • Date : 26.05.2023
  • Package : CD Jewel Case
  • Running Time CD : 64:35

Johannes Schmoelling – White Out

In 1990 Johannes Schmoelling released his third studio album, “White Out”, which, like its predecessor “The Zoo Of Tranquillity”, was a concept album.

Ten years later Johannes Schmoelling picked up this album “White Out” again as the premiere album for his newly founded label Viktoriapark Records in 2000.

The order of the tracklisting was changed, and two new compositions were added (“Rain Echoes” and “A Long Way Home”).

As a bonus, there is a remix of “Icewalk”, which was done by Robert Waters and Ulrich Schnauss.

Schmoelling had named his newly founded label after the Viktoriapark in Berlin Kreuzberg, just walking distance from his recording studio at the time, the Rietstudio. Starting in 2000, all of his solo work has appeared on Viktoriapark Rec.



  1. White Out 10:27
  2. Navigator´s Chatter 05:48
  3. Icewalk 06:11
  4. The Big Nail 04:09
  5. Rain Echoes 06:40
  6. Native Eye, Native Ear 04:59
  7. A Great Continent 08:14
  8. A Long Way Home 05:47
  9. Anian Path 05:50
  10. Icewalk (Mix 2000) 06:30

Total: 64:35 min.