• CD
  • Date : 27.08.2021
  • Package : CD Digifile
  • Running Time CD : 43:05
  • Vinyl
  • Date : 26.08.2022
  • Running Time : 43:05

Klaus Schulze – Richard Wahnfried’s Megatone

“Megatone” is the third studio album by Klaus Schulze’s side project, Richard Wahnfried, released in 1984. On this album, Schulze collaborates with Michael Garvens, Axel-Glenn Müller, Ulli Schober, Michael Shrieve and Harald Katzsch.

During the eighties, the German synth legend Klaus Schulze pursued his solo adventure, working at the same time for his Wahnfried project. This “Megatone” brings something new to his usual “kosmische musik”. A new element appears once again after the classic “Time Actor”; the presence of a singer (Michael Garvens). The voice appears in the modern and “mechanical” electronic piece called «Angry Young Boys”. Schulze synth explorations are also sustained by guitar parts & sequencers, drum- machines. This vast & epic cosmic “trip” mixes pure atmospheric realms (the synth strings) with perpetual, repetitive drum rhythms. “Megatone” is a deep electronic album but not as abstract or as meditative as before. The electronic pulsations and the pop arrangements put Schulze’s music into a more “mainstream” level.


Tracklist CD:

  1. Angry Young Boys 14:13
  2. Agamemory 08:34
  3. Rich Meets Max 20:18


Total:  43:05 Min


Tracklist Vinyl:


Side A:

  1. Angry Young Boys 14:13
  2. Agamemory 08:34


Side B:

  1. Rich Meets Max 20:18


Total:  43:05 Min