• CD
  • Date : 18.03.2016
  • Package : CD Digipack
  • Running Time CD : 74:27

Klaus Schulze – Irrlicht

Re-Release oft he originally 1972 released Klaus Schulze Album „Irrlicht“. This popular classic Klaus Schulze title is upvalued with a Bonustrack and extended linernotes.

Klaus Schulze talks about „Irrlicht“:

„Irrlicht“ still has more connections to Musique concrete than with today’s electronics. I still never owned a synthesizer at the time. I had a damaged amplifier, which I had hotwired and which only survived for this album, after “Irrlicht”, it completely broke! When you turned up the volume control it caused internal feedback, a sine, and with the help of the tremolo I let it chirp. It got broken because of the feedback. I also modified the organ so that it wouldn’t sound like a normal organ. I also had a cassette recorder with a cheap microphone. With this device I went to the FU (the renowned “Freie Universität Berlin”) to record the orchestra there. I then used a few filters to alienate these recordings in order to make them sound strange.

The Colloquium Musica Orchestra was a real classical orchestra. I just went to one of their rehearsals and said, “I like what you’re doing here but could you play something completely different for me for half an hour? I’m just making a record”. And the conductor asked me, “what would you like to have?” „Well“, I said, „I don’t care, just play anything! I just want to have the sound. I’m going to play the tape backwards anyway”. He said, “Then come to a rehearsal and record that!” So I got an orchestra and didn’t even have to pay for it.




1.    1.Satz: Ebene 23:23
2.    2.Satz: Gewitter 05:39
3.    3.Satz: Exil Sils Maria 21:25
4.    Dungeon 24:00

CD complete: 74:27