• CD
  • Date : 16.12.2016 // 19.08.2022
  • Package : CD Digipack // CD Jewel Case
  • Running Time CD : 79:33

Klaus Schulze – Body Love Vol.2

Re-Release of Klaus Schulze classic “Body Love Vol.2” (originally released 1977 / Re-Release 2007).

Klaus Schulze about “Body Love Vol.2”:

It might seem like I only produced „Body Love 2“, because the first „Body Love“ (February 1977) was such a big success in America but that’s not correct. Firstly, I only learnt of the first album’s success later on and secondly, as long as I’m working in the studio on a project I’m never overly worried whether the music will be a success later on.

Basically, “Body Love 2” only saw the light of day because at the time I did some shows with Stomu Yamach’ta’s GO project. GO was signed to Island Records. While I was Staying at Island’s London Office, Chris Blackwell (Island executive) asked me if I wanted to sign solo artists as well, which I did. However, my first album for Island, “Mirage” (April1977), featured all these quit sequences with glockenspiel and no drums whatsoever, and was so complex for their ears that they couldn’t make heads or tails of it musically. So after that album Blackwell asked me, “can’t you make another record for us in the style of “Moondawn” or “Body Love”? So I remixed the track “Stardancer” and recorded, together with Harald Großkopf some new songs. I gave them “Body Love 2”. This album had nothing to do with the movie “Body Love”, I made the music for before. But because the basics of “Stardancer” were from “Body Love” (and also with Harald Großkopf on drums) I simply called the album “Body Love 2”.

Evoking power, purification, enchantment and lyrical relaxation together with a biological rhythm that became music – these are the five pieces that make up this pulsing mosaic of poetry set to music. (“Stereoplay”/Germany, June 1978)




  1. Nowhere – Now Here 28:55
  2. Stardancer II 14:12
  3. Moogetique 13:10


  1. Body Laugh (A Rock’n’Roll Bolero) 13:10

CD total: 79:33