• CD
  • Date : 26.05.2017
  • Package : CD Digipack
  • Running Time CD : 78:49

Klaus Schulze – En=Trance (2017 remastered)

Re-Release of the Klaus Schulze Classic “En=Trance” (originally released 1988 / Re-Release 2005).

„Emotional music, gems coming out of the sound computer.“, („Fachblatt“/Deutschland, Mai 1988)

Klaus Schulze about “En=Trance”:

„En=Trance“ is a „pure Schulze“ record, I made it all on my own. I have to say I only get other musicians when I notice that the song has something missing. Fot instance if I feel that the song must have a violin I call (Thomas) Kagermann, and if I need a guitar I would always ask Manuel Goettsching or Michael Lücker. With the songs on “En=Trance” I didn’t have the feeling that something was missing.”


This edition was digitally remastered 2017 by Tom Dams!




  1. En=Trance 18:53
  2. α-Numerique 16:28
  3. FM Delight 17:28
  4. Velvet System 17:49


  1. Elvish Sequenzer 08:02

CD total: 78:49