• CD
  • Date : 24.11.2017
  • Package : CD Digipac
  • Running Time CD : 79:38

Klaus Schulze – The Crime Of Suspense

Re-Release of the impressing Klaus Schulze album “The Crime Of Suspense” (originally realesed in 2000 as part of the long exhausted 10 CD (wooden) boxset “Contemporary Works”).

In co-operation with Thomas Kagelmann (flute, violin) and the Australian female singer Julia Messenger, Klaus gave birth to the magical “The Crime Of Suspense”.

Another extraordinary jewel from the Schulze cosmos!

Klaus Schulze on “The Crime of Suspense”:

“I made “The Crime Of Suspense” together with Australian vocalist Julia Messenger and Thomas Kagermann on flute, violin and additional vocals at the beginning of 2000. I met both of them via Solar Moon System [Cologne DJ and musicians’ collective] to which Julia had contributed her vocals. ‘Kagi’ was also part of this clique and he had done a lot of work with Tom Dams, the vocalist with Solar Moon. Thomas originally came from the folk scene [note: Thomas Kagermann was a member of the German folk/rock groups Fiedel Michel and Falckenstein which were very popular in the 70‘s] but he can also play many other styles as well. When he accompanies my music, his style has nothing to do with folk but has a very ethnic flavour, almost Arabic in style.
Regarding the topic of different music scenes, I have to state something very important. I don’t agree at all with the reservations that some electronic purists have about other music styles just as much as I don’t agree with those who have reservations about electronic music. I would be happy to play with jazz musicians for example if I believed it would fit in musically with what I was doing. When someone like Kagi plays along to my music in such a sensitive way, he could be playing carnival music, for all I care! I don’t think this holds any value whatsoever, for me every kind of music is just music essentially. I make a distinction only between good and bad music, but I really don’t care which label you attach to it, whether it be folk, jazz or electronic. I don’t know what to do with pigeon holes. In my opinion, if somebody is a genuine musician he will always respond to the music he is playing, he gets a feel for it. This is the only thing I ask of the musicians who perform on my records – that they get a feel for it, that the chemistry is right.”



CD 1

  1. Good Old 4 On The Floor 24:00
  2. E.M. 17:25
  3. Overchill 29:24


  1. Ruins 04:34
  2. Castles 04:15

CD 1 complete: 79:38