• CD
  • Date : 27.07.2018
  • Package : CD Digipack
  • Running Time CD : 71:53

Klaus Schulze – Miditerranean Pads

„Miditerranean Pads“ is one of the most percussive albums of Klaus Schulze.
„Miditerranean Pads is the sensation of the year” („Phlox Notes“/Netherland, May 1990)

Klaus was in the mood for drums again.But he didn’t want to play the drums, like in the sixties, but rather compose drums. At that time a variety of drum samples was available for the first time, like japanese drums, talking drums etc., used by Klaus on this wild “sampling aria”.

Another gem from the huge Schulze cosmos.



  1. Decent Changes 32:36
  2. Miditerranean Pads 14:15
  3. Percussion Planante 25:02

total: 71:53