• CD
  • Date : 26.10.2018
  • Package : CD Digipac
  • Running Time CD : 79:22

Klaus Schulze – “Cocooning”

First track “Easy Listening” is well-difined by the relaxed loops of Tom Dams and the filigree guitar play of Michael “Mickes” Luecker. The mysterious sounding “And She Is Kind And Gently” don’t need any rhythm – a dialogue between Klaus and Tobias Becker, whose oboe and English horn is pleasing the ear on almost all Cocooning tracks.

The third track „I Just Have To Sing My Hymns“ brings back further well known companions of Klaus Schulze: singer Julia Messenger and Thomas Kagermann on violin, flute and vocals. The last five songs are a song connected cycle of „It Still Is Now“, „Blowin‘ Thru The High Grass“, „Many Dreams Have Faded In“, „Many Fears Have Vanished“ and „As Years Went By“. A worthily and impressive continuance of “Easy Listening full of atmosphere.

The title „Cocooning“ is program and coats the listener into soft sounds and relaxed rhythms – real „easy listening“ without getting fiddling or even boring.



CD 1

  1. Easy Listening 26:11
  2. And She Is Kind And Gentle 12:01
  3. I Just Have To Sing My Hymns 20:03
  4. It Still Is Now 02:17
  5. Blowin’ Thru The High Grass 06:20
  6. Many Dreams Have Faded In 01:29
  7. Many Fears Have Vanished 09:36
  8. As The Years Went By 02:07

CD total: 79:22