• CD + DVD
  • Date : 19.09.2014 // 17.03.2023
  • Package : CD + DVD Boxset // CD Jewel Case
  • Running Time CD : 111:49
  • Running Time DVD : 178:15
  • Video Format : DVD 5, 9
  • Audio Format : DD 2.0 , PCM Stereo
  • Picture Format : 16:9
  • Regionalcode: 0
  • FSK :0

Klaus Schulze & Lisa Gerrard – Big In Europe Vol. 2


While other musicians mostly vary their repertoire with nuances, every Klaus Schulze performance is hard to predict..
His former bandmate Edgar Froese (Tangerine Dream) once found a nice image describing Klaus’ way of improvising on stage with electronic instruments, “It is like a parachute jump where one cannot be sure if the parachute will even open.”
This was particularly true during the time of the unpredictable, analog synthesizers- but Klaus kept this same work method throughout the years without making any changes. And with this, he is one of the few musicians who saved this art of improvising, all during the transition from the analog to the digital era.
This is also true according to Schulze’s principle, “It is important that I do not have a clue when I should be going onstage.” What appears to be a paradox or what smells like absolute randomness is quite the opposite; it is a reference to all factors of this deciding moment along with a full release as well as an arrival.
The definite highest point, however, would be the Amsterdam concert. It may also be that it was the tour‘s third concert after Warsaw and Berlin and all those involved had perfectly played one after another. But this does not explain the magic and the breathtaking dramaturgy of the entire performance. Seldom was the non-verbal and deeply emotional interaction between Klaus Schulze and Lisa Gerrard so homogenous, a real union as it was here!





The Bootleg Concert
1. Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck 08:47
2. Mad Ret Sma 06:39
3. Prinsengracht 263 18:11
4. The Polish Rider 12:44
5. Orcus Humanum Est 19:05
6. Leiden 19:40
7. Hieronymus 13:07
8. Le Moulin Déjà vu 13:36
Total: approx. 118 Min

A Moogumentary II
Total: approx. 70 Min

CD 1
1. Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck 08:47
2. Mad Ret Sma 06:39
3. Prinsengracht 263 18:11
4. The Polish Rider 12:44
Total: 46:21

CD 2
1. Orcus Humanum Est 19:05
2. Leiden 19:40
3. Hieronymus 13:07
4. Le Moulin Deja Vu 13:36
Total: 65:28