• CD
  • Date : 24.11.2017
  • Package : CD Digipack
  • Running Time CD : 41:19

Gavin Sutherland -“Wireless Connection”

With the song ‘Sailing’ the Sutherland Brothers recorded the original version of one the most successful songs of the 70s. Now as a singer songwriter Gavin Sutherland presents his fifth solo album, down home laid back music with a taste of americana

Gavin’s career with his brother Iain as The SUTHERLAND BROTHERS and later SUTHERLAND BROTHERS AND QUIVER brought them great success during the 1970s as they toured extensively on both sides of the Atlantic and enjoyed chart success in the USA and all over Europe with eight albums, their  number one single, ‘Arms of Mary’ and the song ‘Sailing’, originally recorded by the brothers back in 1972, later becoming a massive hit for Rod Stewart.

Gavin returned to his native North East Scotland in the 90s where he began a career as a solo singer song-writer. His most recent material shows a  very clear ‘back to the roots’ approach, in keeping with the song writing and musical traditions of his homeland which did so much to influence the country music we now associate with ‘americana’ and the like.

“Wireless Connection” will be Gavin’s fifth solo album. The title reflects his early life when the ‘wireless’ brought music from all over the world into our living rooms, not least the magical sound of  rock ‘n’ roll and the wonderfully creative and influential works of bands through the sixties and seventies. But more than that, the album celebrates the wireless connection we all enjoy today via the internet, and most importantly, the wireless connections we all share as people.

Gavin Sutherland now presents his positive approach to life in this hectic, often difficult world as a seasoned singer/songwriter rooted in folk rock with a hint contemporary Americana.







  1. Peggy Told Me 03:29
  2. Blueberry Wine 04:27
  3. Stolen Dream 03:18
  4. Wireless Connection 03:14
  5. Microgroove 04:03
  6. After The Storm (Revisited) 03:29
  7. Old West Road 02:54
  8. Merry Lights 03:29
  9. Monkeys and Trees 03:29
  10. The Thistle and The Rose 03:32
  11. Show Mercy 03:22
  12. The Nightbird’s Song 03:15


CD total: 41:49