• CD
  • Date : 15.10.2021
  • Package : CD Digifile
  • Running Time CD : 47:06

The Matthews Baartmans Conspiracy – Distant Chatter

Singer songwriter Iain Matthews and guitarist / singer songwriter / producer BJ Baartmans met in 2003, shortly after the former had relocated to the south of Holland. BJ was accompanying touring American singer songwriter, Eugene Ruffolo, in a local music cafe and the two were introduced after the show. A mutual respect for each other’s talents developed and they have been playing and recording together more or less since then. Mostly in the all Dutch line-up of Matthews Southern Comfort, which they formed together in 2005. Releasing three albums and touring extensively throughout Europe.


It’s a natural habitat for both musicians who each have a long and rich history in the music world, as a solo act or band member:

Matthews worked, amongst others, with Fairport Convention, Matthews Southern Comfort, Plainsong, More Than A Song.

Baartmans worked with a long list of Dutch and international acts like Oh Susanna, Jeff Finlin, David Corley. Amy Speace, Cara Luft.


When last years’ pandemic forced all performers off the road, the two began writing together in earnest and made plans to record and tour as a duo once curfews were lifted. Calling themselves ‘The Matthews Baartmans conspiracy’, a year and half and seventeen tunes later, their new album titled “Distant Chatter” and its accompanying EP “Close Call” will be available from October 15, 2021.


It’s a collection of rootsy Americana songs with an adventurous, gritty and colorful side to it. Intruiging harmonies and ear catching hooklines. Matthews and Baartmans call it “an album that had no other option than to be made”. And there it is.



  1. Sleepwalking 04:08
  2. The corner of sad and lonely 04:30
  3. Are you a racist 03:25
  4. 14 months 06:45
  5. I've gone missing 05:10
  6. Writing off the blues 04:13
  7. All that glitters 05:03
  8. Here's looking at you 04:41
  9. Low in the water 04:01
  10. Is this it 05:10


Total: 47:06 Min.