• CD
  • Date : 26.01.2024
  • Package : CD Digifile
  • Running Time CD : 65:06

Rob Tognoni – Rebel

Rob Tognoni and his guitar have been treading the stages worldwide for the past 35 years. 20 albums over the past 22 years are to his credit through labels such as Provogue and Dixiefrog. He has opened for the greats – Roy Buchanan, Stevie Ray Vaughan’s mentor Lonnie Mack, Joe Walsh from the Eagles, shared stages with Peter Green, Sting, ZZ Top, Bo Diddley. He has represented Australia at the Royal Wedding celebrations of Prince Frederik & Princess Mary of Denmark, performed for FIFA World Cup Football in Germany, played from maximum security prisons in Australia to the Mozart House in Vienna plus countless other experiences that have honed his skills.

Rob hails from Tasmania, Australia and goes by the pseudonym “The Tasmanian Devil”. His style is fiery, energetic, inventive and explosive. His roots are in Blues, Blues Rock & Classic Rock but he also adds many other colors to the palate to give him his sound & uniqueness.

“I’ve always been a rebel to some, it’s just that life is too short to try and please everyone. I love my fellow man but I always go by what burns inside and needs to surface. Freedom isn’t just a word to remember, it has to be a lifestyle. The Phoenix is a symbol of rising, you have to keep rising above it all. With all that’s rapidly changing in our world, I will still have my say, and on this album I’ve done exactly that, take a listen.”

(Rob Tognoni, 2023)

With “Rebel” Rob Tognoni delivers his masterpiece and puts his own stamp on cover versions like Bowie’s “Rebel, Rebel” or the Irish folk song “Whisky In The Jar” (best known in the versions by Thin Lizzy or Metallica).



  1. Rebel And A Gamble 03:37
  2. Eyes Wide Open 03:42
  3. Primeval Baby (Tribal) 02:55
  4. Whisky In The Jar 04:49
  5. Move Along 03:05
  6. Here To Stay 03:34
  7. Little Things 03:43
  8. A Mystery Man 04:25
  9. Orion 04:39
  10. Weed 02:42
  11. Rebel, Rebel 03:27
  12. Victim Of Circumstance 04:33
  13. Lands Of Cirrus (Live) 03:09
  14. Lil’ Melody (Live) 04:08
  15. 2050 03:22
  16. Assholes And Opinions 05:12
  17. Life 04:04

Total: 65:06 min.