• 2CD
  • Date : 13.05.2022
  • Package : CD Jewel Case
  • Running Time CD 1 : 76:58
  • Running Time CD 2 : 79:57

Various Artists – Acoustic Guitar Scene & Acoustic Guitar Festival

“”Acoustic Guitar Festival” is nothing more, but also nothing less, than a momentary stocktaking of the guitar scene in Germany. Any attempt to give a complete overview of the guitar as an instrument would be doomed to failure from the outset due to the sheer infinite variety of guitar styles and forms of playing. If one takes up Beethoven’s words, “The guitar is an orchestra in miniature”, one soon realizes that the timbres, the polyphonic structures of the guitar are just as manifold as the individual instruments of an orchestra.


Several years have passed since the last documentation with the most distinguished guitar interpreters in Germany – it is therefore only legitimate, here, in 1979, to now unite musicians on a compilation who, through their performances, have rendered invaluable services to the guitar, whose fascination unites them all.


I have deliberately chosen the term “festival” for this production for several reasons. At a festival, well known musicians, newcomers, soloists, groups, virtuosos and those on their way to become so, come together to enjoy a few days of the joy of music, of the instrument, of making music and listening together. The familiar alternates with the new, the unprecedented, new currents emerge, are processed and one is consciously or unconsciously influenced by colleagues or carried away to spontaneous improvisation or variation.


This is how almost all the titles were newly created for “Acoustic Guitar Festival”. Well-known names provide the framework, but – and this is what I consider far more important – the most space has been given to performers who are already proving today that they will be outstanding representatives of the guitar tomorrow. Each in their own style and in front of their own audience.


Many of these newcomers, whose music may well establish a new trend, can be heard here for the first time, and I am sure that this document of contemporary guitar playing in Germany shows its eminently important excerpt, an excerpt that reveals how unique the guitar, this instrument with which we all live, is in its diversity of artistic expression.“


(Original excerpt from the “record sheet” of the first vinyl edition from 1975 by Manolo Lohnes, born 12th. December 1943 in Freiburg/Breisgau, German flamenco guitarist)


CD 1 "Acoustic Guitar Scene":

  1. Wizz Jones & Werner Lämmerhirt "Transit Blues" 04:06
  2. Klaus Weiland “Das Loch In Der Banane“ 03:52
  3. Davey Arthur & George Furey “O'Carolan's Concerto” 01:53
  4. Peter Bursch “House Carpenter” 05:08
  5. Tom Paley “Wildwood Flower” 01:42
  6. Manolo Lohnes “Ayer - Yesterday” 04:00
  7. Tom Cat (Bernd Dill) “Tom's Rag” 01:48
  8. Peter Bursch “Na Sowas!“ 02:43
  9. Wizz Jones & Werner Lämmerhirt ”Eleanor Rigby“ 05:06
  10. Howard Schultens “Lasses Dobro” 01:51
  11. Davey Arthur & George Furey “Brain Barus March” 01:38
  12. Klaus Weiland “Improvisation 2“ 03:28
  13. Klaus Weiland “Angie“ 05:23
  14. Tom Cat (Bernd Dill) “The Entertainer” 03:44
  15. Davey Arthur & George Furey “Ask My Father” 01:13
  16. The Greyhounds “Tin Roof Blues” 02:49
  17. Konni Braun “Dallas Rag” 02:11
  18. Wizz Jones “Sermonette” 03:24
  19. The Greyhounds “Hobo's Choice” 03:17
  20. Tom Paley “Early Morning Blues” 01:11
  21. Davey Arthur “Within A Mile To Dublin” 01:44
  22. Peter Bursch & Willi Kissmer “Country Doodle” 01:43
  23. Klaus Weiland “Improvisation 1“ 03:40
  24. Manolo Lohnes “Romanze” 03:06
  25. Davey Arthur & George Furey “Swallow’s Tail Reel” 01:17
  26. Werner Lämmerhirt “Whispering“ 02:28
  27. Peter Bursch “Gh“ 03:33

CD 1 total: 76:58 Min.


CD 2 "Acoustic Guitar Festival":

  1. Werner Lämmerhirt “Ovation“ 03:46
  2. Peter Bursch “Powder Rag“ 02:03
  3. Robi Schneider “Joel's Saxophon“ 02:42
  4. Juraj Galan “Sunny“ 02:33
  5. Martin Kolbe “Debakel im Tabernakel“ 02:53
  6. Martin Herberg "Tantz" 03:29
  7. Hot Club Da Sinti “Swing Valse“ 02:26
  8. Robi Schneider “Weisse Robbe“ 04:30
  9. Martin Herberg “Lady Madonna“ 04:19
  10. Orexis “Appendix“ 01:28
  11. Juraj Galan & Manolo Lohnes “Django“ 05:54
  12. Hot Club Da Sinti “Zigeunerimprovisation“ 04:11
  13. Martin Herberg & Manolo Lohnes “Variaciones Malaguenas“ 07:13
  14. José Rogério “Para Los Amigos“ 02:21
  15. El Duo Flamenco ”Temas Indianas” 04:06
  16. Georg Lawall “Asturias” 06:51
  17. El Duo Flamenco “In Las Cuevas” 04:14
  18. Jury Clormann “Vidala Religiosa” 03:41
  19. Manolo Lohnes “Soléa Del Ano 70” 06:16
  20. José Rogério “Menino Do Tamborim” 03:21
  21. Jury Clormann “El Pito Juan” 01:40

CD 2 total: 79:57 Min