• 2CD
  • Date : 17.07.2020
  • Package : CD Jewel Case

Various Artists – Head radio retransmissions – A Tribute to Radiohead

This 2CD is a treat. It consists of tributes to 25 different Radiohead songs, from their first hit “Creep” to a few numbers from the 2007 album “In Rainbows”. The performers are all different, providing a wide variety of styles, even though all can be called “jazz”. There is a good deal of piano, many wind instruments, guitars, violins, etc. But given these differences in musical arrangements, all songs on the CD have one common mood, the melancholy that also characterizes Radiohead’s music. Note that the songs are not covers. Most are instrumental. Some follow the Radiohead counterparts fairly literally, others are more improvising.

All in all, 2 hours and 15 minutes of fascinating and diverse music.



  1. Sean Hutchinson's Still Life “Planet Telex”
  2. Bob Reynolds “Creep”
  3. Yuri Honing/Vince Mendoza/The Metropole Orchestra “Paranoid Android”
  4. Taylor Haskins “High and Dry”
  5. Charles Lane “The National Anthem”
  6. Julio Resende “Airbag”
  7. Oxymore Quintet “Optimistic”
  8. Jake Sharp “Karma Police”
  9. Michael Cameron “Everything in Its Right Place”
  10. Giovanni Guidi “Motion Picture Soundtrack”
  11. Faust Arp - Goodman Quartet
  12. Lawrence University Jazz Ensemble “Bodysnatchers”
  13. Circles Quintet “Black Star”



  1. Emoticons “No Surprises”
  2. Ali Neander + Clive Stevens “Meeting in the Aisle”
  3. Mads Tolling “Just”
  4. Louis Durra “The Bends”
  5. Stephen Norfleet & The Devil Workshop Big Band “Morning Bell”
  6. Joe Deninzon Trio “The Tourist”
  7. Trey Wright Trio “Analyse”
  8. McCarron Brothers “Exit Music (For a Film)”
  9. Le Boeuf Brothers “House Without a Door”
  10. Jeff Dantona Trio “Fake Plastic Trees”
  11. Robert Wilkerson “Knives Out”
  12. Buzzie “Last Flowers (On the Way to the Hospital)”