• CD
  • Date : 02.10.2020
  • Package : CD Digipack
  • Running Time CD : 41:43

Andreas Vollenweider – Quiet Places

Andreas Vollenweider is back!


A new album “Quiet Places”, a novel “Im Spiegel Der Venus”, concerts and open-airs.


Let us remember:

Andreas Vollenweider stands for sold out tours worldwide in auditoriums like Carnegie Hall or Radio City Music Hall in New York, Universal Amphitheatre Los Angeles, Palladium in London, NHK Hall in Tokyo or Town Hall in Sydney. He has released 18 albums from 1980 to the present day and has sold more than 15 million physical records. Grammy Award, Latin Grammy and World Music Award as well as other Grammy nominations, most recently in 2007, stand for his unique success. In 2012 he received the Swiss Music Award in the category Outstanding Achievement for his “continuing life’s work”.


In 2015, Vollenweider develops a special music for a research project of the Neonatology Department of the University Hospital of Geneva. The focus is on the massive developmental problems of premature births and the question of what sound and music could do to support them. In its January 2019 issue, the National Geographic Magazine described the surprisingly great success of the project as “one of the 12 innovations that will revolutionize the future of medicine”.


2020: After almost forty years of successful musical creation, Andreas Vollenweider dares to embark on a new, great adventure – his first novel! 450 pages, which will be released in a print edition and digitally as an e-book. It will also be released as an audio book with lots of music, read by Christoph Gaugler. And in addition the album, inspired by the theme of the novel, on CD, vinyl and of course digitally, the first work of a musical trilogy: “Quiet Places”. Quiet, contemplative music, subtle, touching and yet powerful and dynamic, with Isabel Gehweiler, cello, and Walter Keiser, drums.


Andreas Vollenweider is back!


Press quotes:

“Quiet Places” is a great and very welcome return by Andreas Vollenweider! As a music reviewer, I rarely say it, but “Quiet Places” is a must. It is easily one of the finest New Age music releases in 2020.

Swiss electroacoustic harpist Andreas Vollenweider launches his next phase with Quiet Places – an intimate, melodically eloquent, rhythmically eclectic and classically tinged set of vibrant exotic dances and introspective meditations

The performances on the album are nothing short of flawless. That was to be expected. And the improvisations also what we have come to love and admire and even expect. But it is not expectation that accompanies the loveliness of Andreas Vollenweider-it us expectancy. The expectancy that comes from faith from what he has done before and the knowledge that something marvelous is about to happen.


  1. Pygmalion 04:05
  2. Polyhymina 05:10
  3. The Pyramidians 04:50
  4. Entangled 04:08
  5. Come to the Quiet Place 04:03
  6. Venus in the Mirror 03:17
  7. Bella Smiling 04:00
  8. Wanderung 04:21
  9. Sculpture 03:38
  10. Fields of Blue 04:11


Total: 41:43 Min.