• CD
  • Date : 07.05.2021
  • Package : CD Digipack
  • Running Time CD : 39:10
  • Vinyl
  • Date : 27.05.2022
  • Running Time : 39:10

Andreas Vollenweider – Dancing With The Lion

Andreas Vollenweider on this album, which was originally released in 1988:

“The first of my three children was born – a key experience for an “air person” like me! I had the feeling of being gently but firmly grounded and that’s how the theme of this album came about: dancing with the lion. The lion stands for concrete, rational, physical reality. This image is about finding a way to dance with the lion in such a way that you don’t step on his feet (he would surely bite), but at the same time you don’t let it step on your feet (it would surely hurt). For the first time, I also opened our project to many guests from different musical worlds; an enriching experience from which many new personal and musical perspectives emerged.”



  1. Unto the Burning Circle 03:49
  2. Dancing with the Lion 04:00
  3. Hippolyte 01:10
  4. Dance of the Masks 05:50
  5. Pearls and Tears 05:14
  6. Garden of my Childhood 01:46
  7. Still Life 05:37
  8. And the Long Shadows 03:39
  9. See, my Love... 03:01
  10. Silver Dew, Golden Grass 00:59
  11. Ascent from the Circle 04:05


Total: 39:10 Min