Joe Zawinul

Mauthausen (ESC Records)

  • CD
  • Date : 01.04.2000
  • Package : CD Digipack
  • Running Time CD : 61:51

Joe Zawinul – Mauthausen

A little-known anomaly in the Joe Zawinul discography, Mauthausen was a multimedia event in which the Austrian-born composer/keyboardist tried to come to terms with some of the darkest hours in his country’s history. It is a troubling, at times eloquent electronic tone poem that depicts life within the concentration camp near the small Austrian town of Mauthausen, where approximately 120,000 people lost their lives between the years 1938 and 1945. Mauthausen is mostly a one-man show on CD; Zawinul commanding his symphonic arsenal of keyboards, with occasional narrations in German by actor Frank Hoffmann.




  1. Einleitung Zu Einer Wahren Geschichte 01:06


"Die Orgel Der Barbarei" ("Organ Of Barbarism")

2. Der Weg Nach Mauthausen (The Tragedy) 16:03

  1. Das Lagerleben (Life In The Concentration Camp) 02:25
  1. Das Orchester (The Orchestra) 03:08
  2. Interludium (Interlude) 00:54
  3. Die Folter (Torture) 04:10
  4. Die Nacht (The Night) 01:15
  5. Die Vollstrecker (The Executioners) 03:40
  6. Das Gebet (The Prayer) 01:04
  7. Samstagnacht Im Lager (Saturday Night In The Camp) 03:40
  1. Wey Doo 01:49
  2. Sonntags Im Lager (Sunday In The Camp) 06:24
  3. Weihnachten 1944 (Christmas 1944) 03:07
  4. Der Fluchtversuch (Break Out) 03:25

III. "No More, No More"

  1. No More, No More 03:49
  2. Mauthausen: In Memoriam 05:52

Total: 61:51 Min.