“Catfish are synonymous with the Mississippi Delta, this is where the roots of what I play began…the Blues.
The Church considered it Devil’s music, it was rebel in the making and spawned the greatest and most influential rebel Bluesman – Robert Johnson…he paid for it with his life…and his soul…
This album is a combination of essential “Catfish”, lifelong influences, rebellion, humour, love, social conscience, baked slowly over the last 40 years.
It’s not a Blues album by purist’s standards, but you will feel where it came from….“

“Catfish Cake” was released on 29th. May this year and has received overwhelmed critis worldwide like:
“There ya have it guys and gals, a throw back to the heady days of Foghat or AC-DC or insert a rock band of your choice. Reminiscent yes, but not “copy cats”. That vibe is very evident throughout. As a bonus the cover portrays a cartoon catfish with spatula in hand about ready to serve up a catfish cake. This is the place for your guitar band fix. Blow out your speakers kids!” (Blues Blast Magazine, USA)
“Rob Tognoni still feels good when he can take it hard and unlimited. That he continues to do this after so many years, we can hear that extensively on ‘Catfish Cake’. With such an endurance you are born with and, there are only a few like that… “ (Eric Schuumans for Rootstime, Belgium)
“FAZIT: „Catfish Cake“ ist ein Power-Trio-Album von Güte. Cool, wütend, kraftvoll, zärtlich und dezidiert politisch. Zeitlos und richtig gut.” (Musikreviews, Germany)