Thrilling BreakOut Special Tip review for WUCAN!

WUCAN_Sow_The_Wind_Cover BreakOut Magazine did a very enthusiastic review on WUCAN’s “Sow The Wind”!

“Nothing better is to come out this year in this musical segment, „Sow The Wind“ simply is s godly and eternal masterpiece. How do WUCAN plan to top this ever again is the question? Seems like I should start smoking weed or taking (more…)

FRED BANANA COMBO ‘Splinters’ Video

On friday 28th August 2015 will be the street date for the Fred Banana Combo come-back album “The new Shit”, which will be released as a boxset together with a best fo called “The Old Shit” and a Rockpalast live DVD “The Live Shit”. Prepare for punching FBC 80s flash-backs, crowned with new ideas and great songs. As a little goodie we now present ‘Splinters’ with (more…)