It’s a Rockpalast – even if the backdrop says otherwise

Of the two concerts of our new The Mission Rockpalast DVD/CD, the one from 1990 was recorded during a phase when the Rockpalast team was in a period of transition.

Due to the introduction of new private TV stations also showing videos clips and shortly after the start of MTV Europe, the interest at Rockpalast had strongly decreased. The 16th Rock night in October (more…)

MIG Music and Soul Basement set final seal on cooperation

The Italian keyboarder and songwriter Fabio Puglisi as well as the Texan singer and saxophone player Jay Nemor are the heart of the soul/ jazz crossover band SOUL BASEMENT. Just in time for this year’s “Jazzahead” taking place at the end of April at Bremen, the new album of SOUL BASEMENT titled “Oneness” will be presented on the Moosicus label for a release (more…)

PLANXTY – Superb live recording for Radio Bremen from 1979

The release of a previously unreleased concert of PLANXTY brings us further into the realm of Irish folk. Their influence on the development of contemporary Irish music is still huge.

One of the first to witness PLANXTY’s live debut at Easter 1972 at Galway was DONOVAN Philips Leitch. Neither the Scottish singer nor his management knew that it was the band’s very first performance (more…)