GINGERPIG are planning a new studio album

Our Dutch Rockers GINGERPIG are about to record a new studio album which will be released on MIG Music. We are very certain it’s going to be a fabulous rock album and a worthy successor to „Hidden from View“. Pass it on and create some anticipation!


MAGMA „ Zühn Wol Ünsai“ Live 1974

On May 12th, 2014 you can expect the release of the first live concert of the French formation MAGMA played on the 6th May 1974. Known for their musically wide range and their practiced improvisation, the cult rockers play this professionally recorded concert and of course in new day standard quality remastered audio document with a line-up that only existed for (more…)


…AYWKUBTTOD give their everything on stage: blood, sweat and tears to the ultimate exhaustion of artist and audience. The same happens at the 14.05.2009 Rockpalast concert at the Music Hall in Cologne. Six men test their strength limits on stage and show their music skills in the dramatic opening song „The Giants Causeway“. 80 minutes of musical ecstasy follow with no (more…)

Enthusiastic reviews on our OSCAR PETERSON & BEN WEBSTER “During this Time”

Mr. Dave Gelly wrote in the fully packed Sunday issue of the UK-based “Observer” the following about our OSCAR PETERSON/BEN WEBSTER album “During This Time”:
“A beautifully recorded CD and DVD package, previously unreleased, of a 1972 concert in Hannover. Peterson, leading his trio, is as immaculate as usual. Simply watching the ease with which he brings off wonders of virtuosity is almost enough in itself. Webster, by this stage, (more…)

DUDLEY TAFT Europe tour dates

DUDLEY TAFT is coming to Europe to play some shows in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany in the middle of May. One can look forward to his top-class bandmates he brings with him. We will keep you informed on our tour page!


SNARKY PUPPY won their first Grammy Award!

Congratulations to SNARKY PUPPY for their first Grammy!
It was a glamorous and lavish night on 26th of January in Los Angeles: we experienced one of the rare performances of the Carter couple, a performance of the remaining Beatles and the “Lifetime Achievement Award” for Kraftwerk, the German pioneers of electronic music. SNARKY PUPPY received a Grammy award in the category BEST (more…)

GINGERPIG album “Hidden from View” reaches #38 out of 100 in the 2013 Eclipsed poll

In early summer last year GINGERPIG received outstanding reviews in ECLIPSED magazine for their album “Hidden From View”.
Electing their year poll the editors placed GINGERPIG 38 out of the top 100 in 2013. ECLIPSED chief editor Markus Wicker even put the album of Ex-GORFEST leader Boudewijn Bonebakker and his companions on place 7 of his personal best list 2013!

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