MIG Music celebrates this year’s Record Store Day with a true live treat. The musicologists have found a rare live recording by COMMANDER CODY and band. This precious piece will only be available on April 22. The title of the album: “Claiming New Territories – Live at the Aladin 1980″. There are only 1.000 units of this limited 180g vinyl edition available worldwide.

It took quite a long time before COMMANDER CODY aka George Frayne IV crossed the Atlantic and appeared on a German stage for the first time ever. Ten successful years as part of the US music business (first as Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen) of lay already behind the former art student when he entered the stage the famous music temple “Aladin” in Bremen/Germany to celebrate this debut.

George Frayne, his longtime companion Bill Kirchen (a Lost Planet Airman) and the excellent leveled crew overwhelmed the audience almost immediately with their strong headed mix of Country, Rock’n’roll, Western Swing and Rockabilly. The astonishing, sparkling live atmosphere with a real party character brings up-tempo fun and good mood!

Thanks to the boys at Radio Bremen, who decided 37 years ago to record this historical moment in excellent audio quality for us (or you, if you’ll get a copy)

Commander Cody is on tour in US in March.