Sad but true: Boudewijn Bonebakker, mastermind of Gingerpig, announced the end of the successful Dutch retro rockers. From him, we received the following statement: “After eight years, three released albums and a fourth in the making, Gingerpig has decided to park the band. Agendas, personal life in general and managing the band, couldn’t be matched with the creative flow anymore. We’ve lost the spark to keep the dream alive and to keep Gingerpig going.

It’s been a hell of a dream to try to stake our claim of relevance in the music world, and a lot of the time, it really felt like going against the grain, but the reality of it got the better of us. Blood is thick and one never knows if the spark will ignite again but for now we’ll leave it to rest.

A million thanks to everyone for keeping the support going over the past eight years. Also a warm thank you to all the musicians involved (you know who you are) for the trip, and to everyone at Suburban Records and MiG Records for their work.

And finally a special warm thank you to Pieter Kloos for helping us building our sound, guarding and often challenging our musical identity. We’ll meet again.”

With a heavy heart, the MIG family says goodbye to Gingerpig. ‘Thank you for your boundless creativity and the rock that you celebrated. We hope that soon the spark will glow again, then we will take a deep breath together to help the phoenix rise from the ashes again!

Boudewijn has recently picked up guitar duties at Monomyth who are currently working on a new album.