Would you make these gentlemen an offer, not to mention a contract?

Okay, we did it … for good reason!

On the one hand HELL-O-MATIC is new and unspent, on the other hand behind this industrial rock monster are experienced adversaries who have already repelled their horns in many ways.

New because they’ve managed to create their own style with a high recognition value in a world full of ‘NDH’, ‘Metal (whichever)’ and ‘Deutsch-Rock’.

And unspent, because in spite of all their fast-paced, pent-up anger and adversity they stuck to what they believe in. Rock’n’Roll … wrapped in a modern heavy garment! Packed with hard riffs, electronic, danceable beats and a storytelling dedicated to the lepers, outcasts and misunderstood of this society.

MiG likes to support this … our roots also lie in punk, twisted views and strange philosophies. Together we will work to swim against the current to carry as many as possible with us.

Behind HELL-O-MATIC is the mastermind Thomas van de Scheck, who has already made an international name for himself as a photographer in the gothic and fetish scene and whose extraordinary style has had a lasting impact on the visual representation of these cultures.

The first single “The Devil Makes Three” will be released on 17.05.2019. Check out the first trailer here:

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