Without any doubt, the trumpeter Manfred Schoof belongs to the first generation of jazz musicians in Germany, who very early developed a very own European signature in this form of music and thus no longer simply emulated American models. The rich fund of church scales was just as essential for him as influences from the so-called New Music. Schoof had already been active as a music educator since 1972, and in 1981 he became a lecturer for trumpet and jazz history at the Cologne “Musikhochschule”.

On May 2, 1978, the exceptional German jazz musician performed with his second quintet at the “Römer” music club in Bremen. This music club still exists today, although with a different program focus. Radio Bremen recorded the concert, and Austrian sound specialist Johannes Scheibenreif edited the 42-year-old archive material and polished it to an aural high gloss. The concert will be available in stores in July.