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For several months, MIG Music has been re-releasing the albums of widely underrated artist Zaine Griff from New Zealand. Next in line is “Mood Swings” on June 9, 2017. The video track “Devil Or Angel” is from the previously released album “The Visitor” which has been produced by fellow countryman Eddie Rayner whose name might sound familiar from band lineups such as Split Enz or Crowded House (he is the one on the right at the keyboards).

The musician and artist Zaine Griff left his native country as early as the end of the 1970’s to dive deep into the pulsating scene in London and indeed, he met the right people. With the glam rock bands like Baby Face and Screemer, he had several singles. He was sideman of Johnny Wakelin (“In Zaire”, “Africa Man” among others) before he came to pluck the bass for Kevin Ayers and The Kinks (also on the album “Misfits”).

A short while later, Zaine Griff ran into David Bowie’s producer Tony Visconti who recorded his solo debut “Ashes and Diamonds” in 1980. At this point, Griff already collaborated with the keyboarder and arranger Hans Zimmer who was then responsible for the production of his second album, “Figures” (1982). Soon after, Zimmer went to America to become one of the today’s most influential and best-known composers for film scores (ten Oscar nominations, twelve for the Golden Globe and another ten for the Grammy award). Besides, on “Figures” many colleagues from the new wave and new romantic era were involved like Kate Bush, Warren Cann of Ultravox or Yukihiro Takahashi of the Japanese Yellow Magic Orchestra.

Both of the albums, “Ashes & Diamonds” and “Figures”, will be included in the Collectors Premium edition impressing with their excellent selection of rich and in this form previously unreleased bonus material. Musicians like i.e. from The Manfred Mann’s Earth Band or Thin Lizzy, Midge Ure of Ultravox or Bill Nelson of Be-Bop Deluxe reflect the zeitgeist of the early 1980’s as well as Zaine Griff’s self-pinned biographical texts.

The Collectors Premium ends the re-release cycle of Zaine Griff’s albums. If you read the diary-style memories of these years it is even more incomprehensible why Zaine did not have more success. If all goes to plan, Zaine Griff will be exhibiting in London, at The Water Rats, Kings Cross, in May 2018.