The MIG Music team is especially looking forward to working with this living legend: BRÖSELMASCHINE. The Krautrock band founded in 1968 released their debut vinyl in the year 1971. Eleven years after their last album – a live recording initiated by the WDR Rockpalast – they will come up with a fascinating new studio album with MIG Music.

The current line-up of the group consisting of legendary German musicians features Liz (vocals), Manni von Bohr (drums), Michael Dommers (guitar, vocals), Detlef Wiederhöft (bass), Tom Plötzer (keyboards) und Peter Bursch (guitar, sitar, vocals). As guests who have been connected with the band for many years the new CD/ vinyl the following musicians have been taking part as well: Helge Schneider (saxophon), Nippy Noya (percussion), Lulo Reinhardt (guitar).

The new album “Indian Camel“ will be released in early summer, and a follow-up album is already nearly finished.

The next possibilty to see BRÖSELMASCHINE live is on March 26 in Duisburg – the “krautrockers” will be playing the final concert of the cultural festival “Duisburger Akzente” in the Ruhr district.

Signing of the contract with MIG took place in Cologne at the Red Lounge Studios, at the kitchen table, absolutely proper, in the midst of creative chaos – and where the album received its final form. From left to right: Detlef Wiederhöft, Peter Bursch und Michael Dommers.