• CD
  • Date : 25.08.2023
  • Package : CD Jewel Case
  • Running Time CD : 73:03

Kevin Coyne – Live Rough And More

Kevin Coyne – once again “live” in Bremen!

At his performance in the “Schauburg” (Bremen/Germany) from 1985, accompanied by Dave Sheen (drums), Peter Kirtley (guitar) and Steve Lamb (bass), Kevin Coyne presented himself to his loyal German audience in top form. At home in Germany for a year, he made this concert a real home game. In addition to his own compositions, he also performed classics such as “Lucille” and “Singing the Blues”. After countless personal downfalls – alcohol, nervous breakdown, divorce – a new era began. The bright sides appeared through his work, musically and lyrically, but without becoming arbitrary or flat. Kevin Coyne remained a guarantor of unmistakable artistic expression and unconditional autonomy. Kevin Coyne never became a popstar in his creative years. He didn’t want that either. But Kevin Coyne remained (even after his death in 2004) an insider tip with a loyal fan base.



  1. Dark Dance Hall 03:51
  2. House Of The Hill 07:16
  3. Singing The Blues 03:18
  4. Gina’s Song 05:04
  5. Black Cloud 05:25
  6. Saviour 10:33
  7. Sunday Morning Blues 07:12
  8. Lucille 03:20
  9. Pretty Park 04:41
  10. A Loving Hand 05:45
  11. The Monkey Man 06:43
  12. The Old Fashioned Love Song 04:33


  1. Happy Holiday (Open & Close) 04:42

(studio recording)

  1. I Wander 00:40


total: 73:03 min.