• Vinyl
  • Date : 31.03.2023
  • Running Time : 38: 56

Dizzy Gillespie Reunion Band – Mother Africa – Live 1968

With the label MPS, post-war musical history was written in Germany: noble music productions with many international greats come from the Black Forest and are timelessly legendary. There are still unreleased treasures in the MPS band archive, some of which are now being released in the vinyl edition of the HGBSBlue label.

These include the LP “Mother Africa” with the Dizzy Gillespie Reunion Band, which provided a furious climax to the Berlin Jazz Days in 1968. Part of this concert has not been released before and is now just coming out on LP – but not as a musical remnant, but as a splendid addition to old MPS tracks.

Dizzy Gillespie, the jazz legend, founded his first big band in 1946, and the “Reunion” band features some musicians from those early days, including James Moody and Sahib Shihab. The LP features “Manteca,” the danceable Cuban Bob classic, as well as “Ray’s Idea” with razor-sharp horn sections. A stirring album with lavish embossed cover art and first-rate pressing. A vinyl treasure, in the tradition of the legendary MPS-Music. A must for friends of good vinyl releases!



Seite A:

  1. Manteca / St. Thomas 07:32

(John Dizzy Gillespie / Sonny Rollins)

  1. M‘ Bani 11:12

(John Dizzy Gillespie)


Seite B:

  1. Ray´s Idea 05:14

(Ray Brown / Gil Fuller)

  1. Yesterdays (Solo: James Moody) 08:28

(Jerome David Kern)

  1. Milan Is Love 06:30

(Jimmy Owens)

Total: 38:56 min