• CD
  • Date : 25.09.2020
  • Package : CD Jewel Case
  • Running Time CD : ca. 69:00

Dave Kelly – Family & Friends – We Had It All

If there is such a thing as a British ‘blues pedigree’, then Dave Kelly’s sets the standard.  Kelly is a blues craftsman – a journeyman who has served his time with the best.

In New York he jammed with Muddy Waters.  He became a friend to Howlin’ Wolf and John Lee Hooker, who both felt the benefit of Dave’s playing in their touring bands.  It was Dave’s big sister, the late Jo-Ann Kelly, who first opened his ears to the blues, although his passion for rock and roll – and especially the work of Buddy Holly – remains intact.  In 1967 he joined The John Dummer Blues Band.  After three albums and a solo project he continued to polish his style and technique throughout an adventurous career with some of Britain’s finest players.  When The Blues Band was formed in 1979, the post of slide guitarist and joint vocalist was a foregone conclusion – and bringing his friend, the bassist Gary Fletcher, along to that first rehearsal, was a bonus.  Dave Kelly’s guitar and vocals form the very backbone of The Blues Band’s distinctive sound.

The Blues Band is still one of Britain´s best Blues Band and set up high standards.

Today, after 35 years ‘treading the boards’ with the band, with his solo albums, duo tours with Paul Jones, and soundtrack work (for commercials and such projects as BBC TV’s ‘King of the Ghetto’ and the Comic Strip’s ‘Strike!’) Dave Kelly is firmly established as Europe’s premier blues performer.

Dave Kelly – Family & Friends “We Had It All” are 18 unreleased tracks from his musical journey covers over 35 years in the business and feat. Names like Eric Bibb, Chris Barber, Maggie Bell, Long John Baldry, Christine Collister and many more.



  1. New Stockyard Blues 03:32

(feat. Pete Emery, Marcus Cliffe, Sam Kelly)

  1. Needed Time 04:49

(feat. Eric Bibb)

  1. Dust My Blues 07:22

(feat. Howlin Wolf)

  1. Good Riddance 02:40

(feat. Homer Kelly-Tarrant, Christine Collister, Peter Filleul)

  1. The River 04:00

(feat. Chuck Leavell, Frank Collins, Paddie McHugh & Dyan Birch, Pick Withers)

  1. Ramblin Gal 03:36

(feat. Jo-Anne Kelly)

  1. Passing Through 04:11

(feat. Keith Nelson, Cedric Thorose, Ian ‘Thump’ Thomson, Pete Miles)

  1. Wasting Time 02:52

(feat. Lily Kelly-Tarrant)

  1. Love Is A Compromise 04:24

(feat. Lou Stonebridge, Steve Donnelly, Gary Fletcher, Rob Townsend)

  1. Gulf Coast Highway 03:16

(feat. Maggie Bell, Keith Nelson, Julian Dawson, Homer Kelly-Tarrant)

  1. Sugar Babe 02:48

(feat. Keith Nelson)

  1. Way Down In The Hole 03:12

(feat. Christine Collister, Homer Kelly-Tarrant)

  1. Estes Said 04:01

(feat. Chris Barber)

  1. D-Day Blues 04:04

(feat. Jona Lewie)

  1. Too Young To Know 03:08

(feat. Paul Jones)

  1. Take This Hammer 04:00

(feat. Long John Baldry)

  1. Slide Guitar Rag 03:08

(feat. Sonny Black)

  1. We Had It All 03:30

(feat. Julian Dawson, Keith Nelson, Homer Kelly-Tarrant)


Total:   ca. 69 Min