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  • Running Time CD : 63:11

The Belgian electronic musician Michel Huygen began his extraordinary musical career in 1976 with Neuronium still as a trio. But at the latest from 1982, after the collaboration with Vangelis on the joint album “In London”, Michel Huygen stands as a synonym for Neuronium. In these 40 years Huygen has released an album under Neuronium almost every year until today. So it’s time for him to take stock.

But “Signature” is not just a “Best Of” for Huygen aka Neuronium, the tracks selected for this compilation have a very special meaning for the artist: “All the tracks on “Signature” are based on a very deep context to me. They are in fact the exact description of who I am as a person, what I feel in life and what my goals are. They are the expression of my different moods when I compose music, in really completely different styles, from ultra-electronic, cosmic, spacey, dreamy, to even neo-classical music for and with, for example, the London Symphony Orchestra, which we then recorded at the Abbey Road Studio in London. And why did I choose just these tracks among more than 500 compositions from a 46 years period for this album? Simply because these tracks form a transparent acoustic document that reflects all my feelings. As different as they may be, and despite all the unpredictability that life sometimes brings, they are never negative. That’s what I’m trying to convey with Signature.”

Neuronium - In Aliens I Trust (Official Video)
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  1. Wraith Of Faith 04:40
  2. Jump To Infinity 03:47
  3. Audiophetamine (Jamais Vu) 07:54
  4. Psychic Smell 04:20
  5. Mystykatea (The Ademian Line) 04:35
  6. Momenta Mirabila 03:31
  7. One Light-Year Away From You 04:27
  8. Remoteness 04:30
  9. In Alien I Trust 07:04
  10. Orion (Anthem) 05:15
  11. Life Is Emotion 05:4
  12. Imaginary Movement 5 07:28

Total    63:11 Min.