• 2CD
  • Date : 29.07.2022 // 28.07.2023
  • Package : CD Digipack // CD Jewel Case
  • Running Time CD 1 : 37:01
  • Running Time CD 2 : 74:37

Omega – Gammapolis & Live At Kisstadion

Conclusion of the successful four-part series with the re-releases of the Hungarian cult rockers Omega on the German Bacillus label.


Taking the successful LP TIME ROBBER as a quality standard, GAMMAPOLIS could compete easily. The compositions of the group around singer Jànos Kòbor had become more melancholic, the bittersweet melodies mellifluous. This was especially true for the seven-minute opener “Dawn In The City” (“Hajnal a város felett”), the title song “Gammapolis”, and “Silver Rain” (“Ezüst eső”).


The live album “Live At Kisstadion” (1979) is legendary. There may be concert documents from Omega that radiate more rock’n’roll, probably there are also a few recordings with better sound. But ÉLÖ OMEGA KISSTADION ’79 / LIVE AT KISSTADION ’79 is still at the top of the fan list today: The song selection is excellent, the performance gigantic, the atmosphere at Budapest’s Kisstadion on September 8 and 9, 1979, sensational – and Omega were at the absolute peak of their popularity in their homeland after the best seller GAMMAPOLIS.


Bacillus/Bellaphon did not want to miss this major event and released the magnificently designed double album titled LIVE AT THE KISSTADION in the same year to the German market.


As Omega was on tour with the Hobo Blues Band at the time, they had extremely accomplished musicians in the audience every night, which the Hungarian flagship rockers took advantage of for the live recordings. On “High On The Starway” Omega brought the Hobo Blues Band guitarists József Törös, Egon Póka and János Szénich on stage, and together they let off twelve minutes of rock fireworks.

ATTENTION: Due to a mastering error, track 4 on CD 1 “Gammapolis” was incorrectly titled “Start” but contains the track “Return Of The Outcast”. Track 5 contains the tracks “Start” AND “Gammapolis” on the CD and the last track “Gammapolis” has a running time of 07:16, instead of the 02:16 min. as listed on the product. These errors will of course be corrected on the re-release, but in terms of music, NOTHING is missing on this CD!



CD 1: “Gammapolis”:

  1. Dawn In The City 07:17
  2. Lady Of The Summer Night 04:32
  3. Rush Hour 04:41
  4. Return Of The Outcast 04:25
  5. Start 02:21
  6. Gammapolis 04:07
  7. The Man Without A Face 02:04
  8. Silver Rain 05:17
  9. Gammapolis 2 07:16

CD1 total: 37:01 Min


CD 2: “Live At Kisstadion” Budapest 1979:

  1. Vostok 04:02
  2. Gammapolis 08:06
  3. Help To Find Me 08:19
  4. Russian Winter 04:52
  5. Start 01:54
  6. Time Robber 04:31
  7. Late Night Show 06:26
  8. Silver Rain 05:28
  9. High On The Starway 11:53
  10. Rush Hour 06:14
  11. Metamorphosis II 02:55
  12. Final 04:54
  13. Metamorphosis I 05:03

CD2 total: 74:37 Min.


total: 110:38 Min