• CD
  • Date : 23.09.2022
  • Package : CD Jewel Case
  • Running Time CD : 47:41

Dieter Schütz – TransVision

Dieter Schütz, born in Flensburg (Germany) in 1955, was a highly talented multi-instrumentalist who, unfortunately, died at the age of only 36. Shortly before his death, he founded the pop rock trio Deja Vue together with his partner Ulla Witt and his friend Adelbert von Deyen, of which the album “Nightflight” was released in 2004 only at the instigation of Adelbert von Deyen. When Dieter Schütz died suddenly on September 25, 1991, he left behind no less than 500 songs and instrumentals composed and produced by himself, of which, however, only a fraction has ever been released.


Also, on his first solo album “TransVision” (1981) Dieter Schütz played almost all acoustic instruments himself and was only supported by percussionist Fred Severloh and drummer Barry Madison (both from the band Lorry, also on the IC label).


Germany’s electronic legend Klaus Schulze, who unfortunately passed away recently, brought Dieter Schütz to his IC label and produced his debut. Several instrumental solo albums followed, but now on the Sky label. The album “TransVision”, however, is still considered the most important milestone in Dieter Schütz’s unfortunately much too short career.


About the three bonus tracks: “Guess” is a vocal version of the instrumental from “TransVision”, “The Lonely Whale” is previously unreleased and “Blue White View” is from the one and only Deja Vu album “Nightflight” with Adelbert Von Deyen and Ulla Witt.


  1. I Wanna Live It Up 04:00
  2. Back Datt 02:27
  3. Society 03:31
  4. Astonished 04:06
  5. Creature 03:41
  6. Moonlights 02:04
  7. Songwriter 03:56
  8. Guess 01:11
  9. New York 02:52
  10. Italo 01:00
  11. I Want You Back 03:09
  12. Past Time 03:29


  1. Guess (vocal version) 03:29
  2. The Lonely Whale 05:04
  3. Blue White View 03:47

Total: 47:41 min