• Date : 25.11.2016
  • Package : CD Digipack
  • Running Time CD : 76:34

Klaus Schulze – Another Green Mile

Re-Release of the Klaus Schulze’s “Another Green Mile” (originally released 2002 as part of the strictly limited and long exhausted 5CD Boxset “Contemporary Works II”).

“From 08:00 on, the previous cold and somehow lost and abstract oboe suddenly sounds a bit more concentrated, more emotional, even elegiac and yes, charming. Apart from the oboe you hear a voice, Wolfgang Tiepold’s cello, and a guitar. Although the CD shows 5 tracks, it can also be heard as one long peace, and we know that not just a few of the loyal KS-listeners like it this way.”

(KDM, 2002)

“Another Green Mile” was originally released 2002 as a part of the limited and long exhausted 5-CD-Boxset “Contemporary Works II”.

The bonustrack “Voice’n’Harmony” is from the 10thCD “Adds & Edits” of the limited wooden boxset “Contemporary Works I”.




  1. Between Twilight And Dawn 13:20
  2. In The Streets, In The Rain 04:33
  3. The Wisdom Of Leaves 12:27
  4. The Story Does Unfold 12:05
  5. Follow Me Down, Follow Me Down 28:46


  1. Voice’n’Harmony 05:23


CD total: 76:34


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