• CD
  • Date : 27.01.2017
  • Package : CD Digipack
  • Running Time CD : 79:52

Klaus Schulze – Androgyn

Re-Release of Klaus Schulze’s “Androgyn” (originally released 2002 as part of the strictly limited and long exhausted 5CD Boxset “Contemporary Works II”).

The first track on “Androgyn” has again, like on “Another Green Mile”, the cello of Wolfgang Tiepold and some odd voice samples added to interesting synth sounds. The long second track has Klaus on electric guitar and for good reason it’s called “Back To The Future”: Klaus plays the guitar with a “Gleiteisen”, a piece of iron that he used in the “cosmic slide guitar technique” from old Ash Ra Temple times, 32 years ago. The next four tracks belong together. “There’s No Mystery” has a voice and the adequate and efficient cello again…and of course it has Klaus’ famous string accord in the back; you already heard it on “Another Green Mile” (MIG 01712) and can hear it again on further albums. As “Androgyn” comes to it’s end it gets more rythmic. For the final title “This House Full Of Shadows” I noticed at first listening: “Will be liked by the people”. We hear again Wolfgang Tiepold’s expert cello. (KDM, 2002)

“Androgyn” was originally released 2002 as part of the limited and long exhausted 5-CD-Boxset “Contemporary Works II”.

The bonustrack “A Tiny Violin” is from the 10thCD “Adds & Edits” of the limited wooden boxset “Contemporary Works I”.




  1. In The Dimness Of Light 12:47
  2. Back To The Future 28:02
  3. There’s No Mystery 04:37
  4. Don’t Ask The Question Why 05:08
  5. The Passion Burns 04:22
  6. This House Full Of Shadows 20:43


  1. A Tiny Violin 04:14

CD total: 79:52

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