Various Artist

Emergency Funk Radio (ESC Records)

  • CD
  • Date : 24.04.2020
  • Package : CD
  • Running Time CD : 57:54

Various Artist – Emergency Funk Radio

The compilation “Emergency Funk Radio” documents a new generation of jazz / funk / groove musicians. Dean Brown inspired me with his Emergency Funk Radio conception to realize this project. Emergency Funk Radio presents beside the extraordinary funk-guitar player Dean Brown, the amazing groove jazz trio SOULIVE, Dean Brown`s Groove Warrios, Avi Bortnick the guitar player from John Scofield’s Überjam Band, Boston’s funk sensation Lettuce, featuring members of Soulive and John Scofield, multi-instrumentalist / bass player Magnum Coltrane Price (wellknown from Nils Landgren’s band), sax-man Sam Kininger (wellknown for his work for Lettuce and Soulive), the legendary Medeski, Martin & Wood, Aja West’s Mackrosoft, a worldwide collective of funk-minded musicians featuring members of Herbie Hancock’s Headhunters: Mike Clark & Paul Jackson and Mother Funk Conspiracy – a power force to be reckoned with. Funk is as Funk does.



  1. Groove Warriors “Emergency Funk Radio” 1:27
  2. Soulive & DJ Spinna “Cash's Dream-Remix” 4:18
  3. Groove Warriors “Seven Groove Interlude” 0:27
  4. Magnum Coltrane Price “I Got Mine” 3:12
  5. Sam Kininger “31-84-31-St.” 6:18
  6. The Mackrosoft “Gynacamastia” 5:39
  7. Groove Warriors “Billy Groove Interlude” 0:31
  8. Lettuce (3) “Twisted” 5:15
  9. Medeski Martin & Wood “Night Marchers” 7:36
  10. Groove Warriors “Seven Groove Interlude” 0:36
  11. Avi Bortnick “Morning Star” 2:26
  12. Mother Funk Conspiracy “Funky McSunke” 7:21
  13. Dean Brown “Break Song” 6:48
  14. Soulive “Uncle Junior Remix” 6:00

total: 57:54