Mr. Dave Gelly schreibt in der prallen Sonntagsausgabe des britischen Oberservers folgendes zum OSCAR PETERSON/BEN WEBSTER – Album “During This Time”:

“A beautifully recorded CD and DVD package, previously unreleased, of a 1972 concert in Hanover. Peterson, leading his trio, is as immaculate as usual. Simply watching the ease with which he brings off wonders of virtuosity is almost enough in itself. Webster, by this stage, was ailing and reduced to sitting down to play the tenor saxophone, but he still had his moments, and there’s a beauty here. His performance of Ellington’s Come Sunday is as delicate and full of feeling as any I ever heard. This may have been his last really great performance. He died nine months later.”

Auch Nicolas Pillai vom LONDON JAZZ Magazine hat in “During The Time” des Quartetts Oscar Peterson, Ben Webster, Tony Inzalaco und Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen reingehört und schreibt in seiner Review zum Album:
“NHØP provides typically urbane, intricate solos, while Inzalaco and Webster riff nicely off one another. Peterson displays his customary ease at switching roles, sometimes a bandleader, sometimes an accompanist. Skipping tempo, his piano’s notes tumble and fall into place, a percussive cascade. During Webster’s solo in Ben’s Blues, Peterson stops playing and leans back, clicking his fingers and clapping in time. It’s a moment of perfect happiness, one of many in this magnificent concert.”

Die gesamte Rezension könnt ihr hier nachlesen: