MIG music reaction on Corona Virus

Dear friends, partners and fans,

The times are unreal, almost unimaginable, like in a bad Hollywood blockbuster. But we have to go through it. Solidarity is needed now, with our work colleagues, our families and friends, our neighbours and the people on the street. So that we can stay healthy, protect our fellow human beings and of course ourselves. Many things will change, some things will no longer be the way (more…)

MIG music concert streaming

http://www.mig-music.de/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/Blackbird-Crow-Streaming.jpg http://www.mig-music.de/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/Siena-Root-Streaming.jpg

On 22 March we will bring concert experiences into your living room.

We start at 6pm CET on Facebook with Swedish rockers SIENA ROOT who released their new album “The Secret Of Our Time” today. They offer finest rock with full organs and great sitar interludes.

From 6 PM CET on Facebook.

At 9 pm CET the (more…)