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DAILY THOMPSON sign with MIG – New Album in November – Predecessor Albums now available digitally


The Dortmund fuzz rock band DAILY THOMPSON has developed a real underground hype in the last few years. They played dozens of concerts all over Europe, their records and merch sold like hot cakes. Now it is time for the next step. MIG Music is not only happy to present you the predecessor albums “Daily Thompson” and “Boring Nation” for the first time (more…)

New Vocalist with BRÖSELMASCHINE


The personnel carousel of the BRÖSELMASCHINE has turned, Stella Tonon replaces Liz and takes over the vocals. The band has already played several concerts with Stella, including the great performance at this year’s Burg Herzberg Festival. Peter Bursch and his Bröselmaschine operators are pleased to be able to tackle the new projects and concerts together with her, e.g. the performance at the Werner (more…)

1968 – 2018: 50 years BRÖSELMASCHINE – “It was 50 years ago today”


The Duisburg band Bröselmaschine was founded in 1968 by the Duisburg musician and music teacher Peter Bursch and the Duisburg artist Willi Kissmer. The band members not only played together, they also lived together in a community, following the example of the legendary Kommune 1 in Berlin. At the end of the 1960s, the Bröselmaschine was considered to be one of the first (more…)

JAIL JOB EVE sign with MIG – Debutalbum out October 12, 2018!


We are happy to welcome JAIL JOB EVE in our Artist Roster. After their debut EP “Bird of Passage”, which was very well received by critics, the 5 young musicians around singer Victoria Semel are finally adding their debut album “The Mission”, which will be available on CD and digital from 12.10.2018. The double LP on transparent violet vinyl is released about 4 (more…)

VIOLETTE SOUNDS will release WILD AND BLUE in September


On September 28, 2018 MIG Music will release the new album “Wild And Blue” by progressive Rock band VIOLETE SOUNDS.

Violette Sounds started in 2013 as a project of drummer Karl Henneberg. Their first album “Feelin’ Inside” presented atmospherical progressive rock with jazzy elements and attracted some attention and received good feedback in the German music scene.

Two years later after several concerts and tours (more…)

Luka Bloom with MIG Music

Luca with Radio Bremen Crew

Irish singer/songwriter Luka Bloom has signed to MIG either. The Irish singer/Songwriter was born as Kevin Barry Moore in Newbridge near the capital city of Dublin. For his stage name he chose the name “Luka” from the title of the well-known Suzanne Vega song and “Bloom” from the main character in James Joyce’s novel Ulysses.
The (more…)

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